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Your son or daughter needs a regularly scheduled dental checkup every six months. Each of these important appointments at Smile Image Dentists is designed to clean their teeth, monitor the development of their mouth, and detect any developing oral health problems.

Children and adolescents sometimes struggle to maintain a consistent and effective daily oral hygiene regimen. The results can be excess plaque, tartar, and the prolonged presence of acids. In time, the tooth enamel could become damaged, which could increase your child’s chances of suffering from cavities and tooth sensitivity.

Should Drs. Nguyen and Doan and our team notice any signs of weakened tooth enamel, we might recommend a simple fluoride treatment. This preventative measure only takes a few minutes and can be easily done at the end of a visit. It is designed to bolster the mineral strength of your teeth to help prevent future cavities. The process involves Drs. Nguyen and Doan using a small amount of a concentrated fluoride gel which your child will hold in a tray in his or her mouth.

If you live in the Houston, Texas, area and your son or daughter is due for their next dental checkup you should call 281-759-1277 to schedule an appointment at Smile Image Dentists today!