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The procedure to place a dental crown at Smile Image Dentists uses a strong dental-grade adhesive to secure the crown in your mouth. While the cement is designed to keep the crown firmly in place for many years, certain situations can weaken the bond. If you experience advanced gum disease or a blow to the face, your dental crown may begin to feel loose in your smile.

If you think you have a loose crown, don’t delay receiving professional dental treatment from Drs. Nguyen or Doan. The longer you hold off on treatment, the greater the risk of damage to the abutment.

While you are waiting to be able to see the dentist, there are some things you can do to keep the situation under control.

Remind yourself not to wiggle the crown with your finger or tongue. Don’t even attempt to clean it because even small movements have the ability to damage the abutment.

If you have any blood or debris in your mouth as a result of oral trauma, use lukewarm saltwater to gently rinse it away. All other measures of cleaning should be performed by our team.  

If the abutment within the crown has remained unaffected, there is a good chance our dentist can reseat the crown. If not, we will fit you for a brand-new dental crown. Any damage to the abutment may result in the need for a root canal.

If you have a problem with a loose dental crown in Houston, Texas, you should call 281-759-1277 right away and schedule a visit to our office.