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Did you know that, when it comes to dental floss, you have a variety of options? It’s much easier to keep your smile healthy when you understand your product options. Our dentist and team are thrilled to answer any oral health questions you have, and today we want to discuss your options for dental floss.

If you have tight or misaligned teeth, you may find that waxed floss is the best option to clean your smile. The wax coating enables the floss to slide easily between tight spaces in your teeth and reach deep under the gum. If you have straight teeth and don’t need the extra help, or you dislike the flavors that often come with waxed floss, unwaxed floss may be the better choice for you.

If neither waxed nor unwaxed floss seems appealing or you are not a fan of floss string, we invite you to try using a water flosser, which uses gentle water pressure to remove plaque and bacteria along your teeth and gums.


Regardless of the type of floss you choose, you should always look for products that have the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, which proves that product has passed all safety and efficiency testing and lives up to its claims.

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