Protecting Your Teeth with Chewing Gum

Even the person who brushes and flosses on schedule, and who makes sure to eat a healthy diet gets a craving for something sweet now and then. And there is nothing wrong with occasionally eating something sweet, as long as you don’t make it the center of your eating habits, and remember to brush your… Read more »

Get Clean Teeth For the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up. Are your teeth ready for them? The parties, the family holiday pictures, the in-laws you haven’t seen in a year?  If not, we are here to help!   The first and easiest way to improve your smile is to improve your brushing technique. Brush twice a day, for 2 full… Read more »

Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Tooth Decay

Are there areas of your smile that aren’t receiving the proper treatments? If so, tooth decay may be present. Even if you are brushing your teeth every single day, tooth decay can be occurring between your teeth. This is why it is important to clean all areas of your teeth with multiple cleaning utensils for… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Provide You with a Bright White Smile

Tooth enamel that has been discolored or suffers from chronic dental stains can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile’s appearance. This can be particularly troublesome if you use tobacco products. In many of these cases, the dental stains that build up on your teeth can prove increasingly difficult to remove the whitening products sold… Read more »

Mouth Myths: Understanding the Truth

There are many myths in the world today that share false information about dental care and oral health topics. Unfortunately, these myths lead to poor oral hygiene and smile care, resulting in major and even serious dental issues. So, Dr. would like to share the facts about dental myths so you know the truth about… Read more »

Smile Makeovers: Oral Health Care Methods

Do you have an oral health checklist that you follow every day to keep your mouth safe? Are there a list of items you routinely follow to make sure your mouth is well taken care of as it should be? If not, it is important to do so, as damage prevention is the key to… Read more »

Are You Informed about Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Not all tooth whiteners work equally, with many products failing to live up to the promises they fail to deliver on. In some cases, the products are simply not capable of delivering the results intended and in some instances, can seriously damage your tooth enamel and gums. Before beginning any teeth whitening system, first, make… Read more »

Dentures Require Daily Cleaning and Consistent Oral Hygiene Practices

Complete and partial dentures are removable dental appliances designed to replicate the form and function of your missing teeth. Even though they will suffer from tooth decay your dentures will still need daily cleaning and consistent oral hygiene habits. If you like to secure your complete or partial denture with a little denture adhesive, it will… Read more »

Are You Familiar with Common Tooth Hazards?

Are you familiar with common tooth hazards such as the potential risk factors like biting into hard foods and chewing on objects can have on your smile? Listed below are common risks factors that seek to destroy your smile: – Chewing on your nails or pens can damage your teeth and gums. – Taking time… Read more »

Getting the Floss You Need

You may think brushing twice a day and going to the dentist biannually are enough to keep your teeth healthy and strong, but flossing is key to give you a better fight against possible bacteria and plaque buildup. want to assist you with your dental care and provide information you need to have a strong… Read more »