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You may think brushing twice a day and going to the dentist biannually are enough to keep your teeth healthy and strong, but flossing is key to give you a better fight against possible bacteria and plaque buildup. Smile Image Dentists want to assist you with your dental care and provide information you need to have a strong and healthy mouth.

Daily flossing fights the constant buildup of plaque, bacteria growth, and infection. Without it, you’re not reaching those small corners where your toothbrush isn’t quite able to reach. Especially after eating, food fragments left are susceptible to bacterial growth which can then lead to periodontal (gum) diseases, cavities, infections, and damage to your enamel.

Everyone needs a certain type of floss that fits their type of gums and teeth. Some types include:

– Regular dental floss
– Unwaxed or waxed floss
– Unflavored or flavored floss
– Comfort floss; this is a softer floss for those with more sensitive gums
– Floss threaders; often used by those with braces or dental bridges to get around wires or under the bridge
– Water flossing; a wonderful alternative that only requires a water flossing tool to stream water into those hard to reach places, knocking out fragments of food; great alternate for those who don’t want to deal with floss threaders

When using string floss, wrap each end of a 15-20 inch piece around your middle fingers. Lightly push the string between your teeth, guiding it with your thumb and forefinger. Make the floss the shape of a U between the teeth before moving it up and down to remove plaque and any other type of buildup.

Start flossing at an early age (children should be flossing by the time their teeth start to grow close to one another) and every day. Call 281-759-1277 to contact our trained professionals to get a consultation or schedule an appointment today! Smile Image Dentists here in Houston, Texas, will be happy to assist you with your oral care and your smile.