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The ridges, or cusps on the surfaces of your back teeth helps them to chew, grind and breakdown your food. Unfortunately, these same cusps can trap food material, plaque, and bacterial deposits that can create cavities. If your regularly scheduled dental checkups at Smile Image Dentists reveals a cavity in one of these areas, Dr. Kim Loan Nguyen might be able to repair the tooth by installing an inlay or onlay dental filling.

A dental inlay filling is reserved for cavities that affect the biting and chewing surfaces of your teeth. If the compromised area extends beyond that surface, the dentist might recommend treating it with an onlay dental filling. This treatment process starts with numbing the affected tooth and removing all traces of decayed tooth enamel. Then our dentist will apply a temporary dental filling to help maintain the integrity of the tooth. A professional dental lab will create your dental filling from either a gold alloy or a special type of dental grade porcelain. When it’s ready, the dental filling will be bonded to the surrounding healthy tooth enamel with a strong dental adhesive.

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