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Restorative dentistry is used to fix teeth that have become damaged, cracked, or broken over time. Quite often, teeth break or crack during the incursion of an injury. Other times teeth can become damaged due to lack of proper care which wears away the enamel. Treatment for these issues are common and can be fixed by having a dental crown put in the affected area.

During the treatment our dentists will form an abutment in the damaged area by removing some of the tooth’s enamel. A cap is then formed from either metal or porcelain and placed in the abutment. The cap is then glued into place. In some cases, a combination of both metal and porcelain might be necessary to form the cap. For chipped or broken teeth due to injury, the cap is used to strengthen the area. In the case of lost enamel due to tooth decay, the cap will act as a replacement for the enamel. Metal is used for dental crowns in molars, as they need to the extra strength for chewing.

Metal and porcelain are not subject to decay, but the tooth it’s attached to is. It’s important to remember to take care of your teeth with proper cleaning after your restorative dental treatment. Tooth decay can cause the crowned area to loosen, undoing the entire treatment.

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