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Not all tooth whiteners work equally, with many products failing to live up to the promises they fail to deliver on. In some cases, the products are simply not capable of delivering the results intended and in some instances, can seriously damage your tooth enamel and gums. Before beginning any teeth whitening system, first, make sure to approve it with your dentist. When deciding which treatment to go with, choose either store-bought products, at-home professional kits, or in-office whitening treatments.

At-home professional treatment systems are dispersed by dentists for use at the discretion of each patient in the comfort of their own home for touch-ups. Products endorsed by your dentist will meet the expectations expected of them and are guaranteed to be safe and effective for use.

The highest quality of tooth whiteners are usually considered to be those professionally administered by your dentist at the office. Not only are you privy to expert supervision on hand to ensure the product is administered correctly, but the gel is the highest grade and safest product you can expect to receive. In some instances, a professional whitener can be applied in roughly an hour for an entire white smile makeover all in a single visit.

The riskiest variety of all tooth whiteners are products that can be bought online or in stores. Very little regulation is ever done to ensure these products meet recognizable safety guidelines. In some cases, if products are not used correctly, they can do considerable damage to your tooth enamel and gums. Before using any over the counter product, consult with your dentist first

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