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Most of the time, a simple oral accident, like nipping the edge of your tongue, rarely causes any serious trauma. Yet there are other times when a more significant accident like a hard fall can cause you to accidentally bite down on your tongue or cause some other form of tongue injury.

In one of these situations, the tongue injury might require some immediate first aid and assessment. If the wound is severe, you should strongly consider seeking professional care at an emergency room. For moderate tongue injuries, Dr. Kim Loan Nguyen recommends the following first-aid measures.

It’s important to assess the extent of the injury to your tongue and any other parts of the mouth. You can start by using lukewarm saltwater to rinse away any blood or debris lingering in your mouth. This can also help soothe injured tissues. Avoid using antiseptic mouthwash as it can easily irritate the tongue injury. If your tongue is bleeding excessively, try not to swallow too much blood as this can cause nausea.

If your tongue is bleeding, you can wrap it in a few layers of sterile gauze and apply light pressure. If you can’t easily hold the gauze with your fingers, you might want to try pressing it to the roof of your mouth.

If the bleeding persists after 15 to 20 minutes or if the pain is getting worse, you should strongly consider going the emergency room or a nearby urgent care facility for more advanced treatment.

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