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A complete denture is created from special materials intended to replicate the basic appearance and essential function of missing teeth. This is often an effective option for people who have suffered significant tooth loss from chronic periodontal disease, decay or injury.

While the denture is intended to be durable enough to handle daily wear and tear from chewing common foods, there are still some things that can chip or fracture a denture.

This is even more likely to be an issue if you have a bad habit of chewing on ice or pens. If any part of your denture is damaged or compromised it could become uncomfortable, and might even fail.

In a scenario like this the wisest course of action is to schedule an appointment with our dentist,  Dr. Kim Loan Nguyen and her staff.  After assessing the severity of the problem, the dentist can suggest the most effective method for repairing or replacing the unit. In some cases,  the denture may need a new base or might it may need to be realigned.

If you are in the Houston, Texas, area and you are having a problem with your complete denture you should call 281-759-1277 to speak with one of the staff specialists at Smile Image Dentists.